The Essentials of Beekeeping

If you have decided to have the career of beekeeper, you are at the right path to have great rewards. But you need to learn the proper methodology of beekeeping as well as adequate knowledge of the bees. Then you must have the beekeeping equipment and tricks to have honey in abundant amount. There are some essentials of beekeeping. The most important essentials of beekeeping are explained in proceeding paragraphs.

The Hive Tool

The hive tool is among the most important beekeeping equipment. The bees are glued in the hives with the resin propolis. For this the beekeeper needs to keep the seal of the hive tool open all the time. The hive tool is enabling to detach the comb from the sides of the hive, cutting it and scraping the propolis along the pry frames. The hive tool is the premium part of the beekeeping process. The size of the hive tool is different in different countries. But the legal size is offered by the Lorenzo in 1850 or before. The hive tool is grounded on the boll wood comb knife but has the additional benefit of the incorporation of the traditional hive tool as well across its one end. There are different hive tools. Some of the hive tools are in the horizontal shape while some are in the vertical shape.

The Smoker Tool

The smoker tool is invaluable for the beekeepers because it makes the aggressive bees to calm down. The smoker is used for straying the bees from the hives and it makes them docile. First of all the smoke is capable of enabling the bees to believe that the wildfire is very near. The smoke is making the bees senseless due to which they are strayed of the hives. The smoke is alarming the bees to go in defensive mode. When you have smoker in hand, the bees would keep away from you and hence you will never get a sting of bees. The smoke can either be made through simple wood or through professional smoker. However, both are having same effectiveness to docile the bees.

Beekeepers Suit

The beekeepers must safeguard them by having a special dress. The special dress of the beekeepers comprises of veil, helmet, jacket, gloves, and brush etc. and you can buy all parts of bee suit on Amazon. The first and foremost safety measure for beekeepers is to have the helmet and veil. There are different types of veils, some are worn with helmet and some are worn without the need of helmet. Beekeepers can use any but must have the veil to avoid stings on sensitive parts such as eye, nose, and ears. The gloves are also important to keep the hands sting free. The gloves are often made of rubber or leather. The beekeepers must wear long shoes made of leather or plastic to avoid stings on foot as well. The dress suggested for beekeepers is tight and light colored. The beekeepers must ensure that the dress is tight so that no bee might enter their body and sting them inside the clothes. Even if a single bee enter the clothes can create difficulties for the beekeepers.